With 9 heat race wins and 2 feature race wins this has been a great year of racing! Thanks to Scott
Walker for driving the car.
Thanks to all our Sponsors: AUSA (www.ausa.org), RP Auto
(www.rpautoservice.com), Jacy Norgaard Photography (www.jacynorgaardphoto.com), Mystic Inn
(Princeton, MN), Kelley's Automotive (St Paul, MN) and also thanks to Chubbs Performance!!

After this race we will relocated to the Phoenix, AZ area where we will have a longer race season. If
you are in the area check us out. We will also be looking for sponsors in AZ so if you know of anyone
that might be interested let us know. Once we get set up down there I will be keeping the website
updated so you can continue to watch us. We may even make our way back here, watch the schedule or