AWARENESS is the first step towards a cure! With the passing away of my mom August 19th,
2009 helping raise awareness of amyloidosis is even more important. While winning the battle
against Pancreatic Cancer, she lost the fight against Amyloidosis, but I can keep her fight going
by spreading the awareness of Amyloidosis & Cancer.

Amyloidosis is a disease in which an abnormal protein called amyloid accumulates in the body
tissues and organs and can cause serious problems. The cause is unknown and there is no cure
yet. For more information check
My mom may have lost this battle, but I will keep it going by
helping raise awareness!!

Reed Luepke, 3 1/2 year old, son of Brad and Lori Luepke has been diagnosed with leukemia. At
such a young age Reed has so much to live for. Reed is a big racing fan and the entire Luepke
family needs your support.
Follow Reeds caring bridge site for updates.
AUSA is a non-profit educational organization and the voice for our military on Capital Hill. Membership is open to
anyone including civilians who subscribes to the philosophy of a strong national defense. Community businesses and
defense industry companies are also represented by AUSA National. The Vessey Chapter’s big fundraiser is our Annual Golf
Tournament which will be held on August 19th, 2010. For more information check out
AUSA & Toys 4 Military Kids is very rewarding to not only the kids but also the families & everyone involved.
The General John W Vessey Chapter, Toys 4 Military Kids program is very important and has grown each year. With this
program we help our soldiers and families have a special Christmas. We provide toys for each soldiers child. AUSA is a 501
(c)(3) organization with Tax Identification #53-0193361. Donations can be sent to:
Vessey Chapter AUSA
Toys4Militart Kids
1804 Energy Park Drive
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55108

Below are some pictures from one of the Christmas parties that I had the honor of being part of (I was Santa). I had the
honor of presenting Airman Arroyo with his Airman First Class Stripes at the 934 LRS/LGRVO Christmas Party.
Adam Delfosse - "I am a 15 year old race car driver. I'm going through chemo and radiation to get
rid of the cancer in my brain. Never really expected this but we'll all get through it. I'm a really
positive person and I like to play video games...a lot. I am in the 9th grade. When I was at school on
November 6th I blacked out. After I went home and was acting weird I was driven to the E.R. They
gave me a CAT scan and found a large mass on my brain. After I was helicoptered to Marshfeilds,
they prepped me for surgery the next day. I had a 7-8 hour surgery on Saturday. I'm now going
through chemo and radiation to get rid of the rest of the cancer in my brain and in a small portion
of my back."

Follow Adam on his Caring Bridge Page:
Keith Nelson
Keith works at North Central Speedway. Wednesday night June 16th he was working at the pit
entrance / exit when a couple cars were involved in a terrible crash that sent one car into the air &
fence before it landed next to the pit grandstands also hitting Keith in the head.

many broken bones to his face including his eye sockets, cheek bones, nose and jaw. He had
some brain tissue removed & will need more surgeries on his face for repair. They do not know
what Keith's outcome will be as of yet. Could be a little memory loss to a vegative state. They said
only time will tell.
Tim Boeder
Tim is the Promoter for North Central Speedway and was seriously injured when he a
car hit him in the head Wednesday night June 16th as a result of a horrible crash which
sent one car into the air & fence landing on the railing of the pit grandstands in turn 1.
Tim suffered a concussion and a collapsed chest.
Wednesday June 16th Racing action ended with a terrible crash in
turn 1 with 1 car going into the air, through the catch fence
landing along side the pit grandstand.

You can send a check or money order to Deerwood Bank Attn: Tim
and Keith Benefit Account PO 527 Brainerd MN 56401